Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Human sexuality movie 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Human sexuality movie 2 - Essay Example The aspect has established a character where the bible is just a book to share, but not to administer its teaching and faith in truth and faith. â€Å"For The Bible Tells Me So† entails an American film, which explains the aspect of homosexuality and its conflicts with Christianity. Such conflicts entail a perspective where they invites the church to ratify the practice and associate it with race, gender, or nationalism. They request Christianity to engage freedom where the gays can marry. On the contrary, the church argues that marriage is a sacred practice initiated by God and therefore gay marriage does not stand a chance. Further, they demand their acceptance in the church where they can undertake the respective religious practices in the liturgy among other doctrines of the church. It is evident that the church stands on the contrary arguing that such an act encompass hypocrisy, which is wrong before the eyes of God (Boone, 36). They advocate for allowance to engage churc h leadership through their involvement in the clergy. However, the film argues that the clergy serves as a role model to the Christians where they should not be associated with homosexuality among other evil practices according to the biblical conventions. In a more critical review, the church has never considered the truth behind homosexuality where equality is a thorny aspect in the society. It is evident that many families live in challenges where the men engage dishonesty to the women on the aspect as well as the men to their women. It is evident that homosexuality solves the situation and protects the men from engaging certain diseases for instances, HIV AID. Further, some residents in the society lose taste to the opposite gender after divorce where their conscience leads them to commit suicide since they cannot live alone. Evidently, the church should consider homosexuality in the sense that such a perception will protect the life of

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